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In the 21st century, the success of children, professionals and organizations is greatly determined by one’s level of happiness and well being. When one is happier, one can be a better student, a better parent, a better employee, a better boss and a better team. And that translate to better academic results, better behaved kids, better career opportunities and better businesses.
Welcome to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified institute - IBMIM. We put you on the right track with our Dermatoglyphic Evaluation System (D&MIE). D&MIE is scientifically based test recognizing the feature of your fingerprint and your inborn strengths and learning styles. It is based on genetics, embryology, neuroscience, dermatoglyphics and the 8 multiple intellects. D&MIE is taken only once in your life with 95% accuracy. It is not a medical device and does not need medical approval for testing.

IBMIM with its registered head quarters in USA and servers in India and China. We are India’s most trusted and leading D&MIE institute. We offer several program, certification, authentications, training, remedies and other related knowledge and knowhow on the subject of Multiple Intelligence and D&MIE.

IBMIM has put together a module that enables under developed and developed countries to take advantage of the science of Multiple Intelligence.

Our team of experienced psychologists and Dermatoglyphcists help in fueling discovery for our esteemed clients - students/parents/professionals/corporate/institutions. Helping bring happiness in lives of many people.

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