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Personality Development Programs

Cultivate your assets and make them work to your advantage! Here's an introduction to personality development program for all ages covering the salient components of personality, including appearance skills, verbal communication skills, and self-help techniques towards effective interactive skills.

NOW is the time to unleash your potential!

Work readiness - for jobs at any level - is a three-legged stool whose legs are Academic, Technical/Career and Soft Skills. Soft or interpersonal skills are increasingly important to workforce developers because employers want to know - before hiring - what kind of worker someone will be; and, post-employment, where should further development be focused. With IBMIM special Soft-Skill development programs you will be able to:

  • Align the skill demands of employers with the competencies of future workers.
  • Measure and develop adults' and youth's interpersonal (soft) skills.
  • Address soft skill deficits. Continuously improve academic and technical programs effectiveness at integrating soft skills into their content and outcomes.
  • Implement training and development and measure their effectiveness.
  • Create transcripts, profiles and credentials of individuals' effective workplace behaviors.
  • Establish skills validation and competency management systems.
  • Assessment of skills

Some of the other programs offered by expert team at IBMIM are:

  • Dynamic Parenting Techniques
  • Planning a happy and successful married life
  • Resolving conflict – both at home and at work
  • Managing time, rather than getting managed
  • Unwrapping the Gift from God
  • Train the Trainer

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