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Benefits of IBMIM

IBMIM has worked with many students, parents and teachers and noticed that using the D&MIE, we were able to identify early on the innate abilities and talents of the students, their learning styles and the behavioral traits that gave valuable insights to parents and, which later on gave the students/children a head start above their peers since focus was given on how to manage their behavior, maximize the identified talents and strengths early on.

In other words, no time, money and effort was wasted in trying to identify what the students was good at and what he was interested in. At the same time, it gave children and their parents a healthier relationship when parents understand their children in a different light.

For Teachers: D&MIE saves a lot of time due to Increase effectiveness and efficiency of their classroom hours.

For Young Adults: Adults can also get benefited from D&MIE as it provides insights into professional and personal strengths and weaknesses of adult and grown up kids.

Anybody who wants to really know what they are good at and what would be a good and lasting career for them should take the D&MIE system. It is never too late.

The test is done by a patented fingerprint scanner that accurately captures your Multiple Intellect. This special fingerprint scanner is not a medical device and no medical approval is required.


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