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Become a Partner

As a growth strategy, IBMIM provides you with the opportunity to become a partner of our successful journey and gain access to the fast growing business of education and guidance. You will be able to grow and expand your business faster than other business expansion models.

IBMIM franchise partners will requires minimal capital as the initial investment at the State or City Partner level.

Criterion for franchise partner:

  • Education
    • For City Partner: Graduation (preference will be given to Psychology graduates).
    • For State Partners: graduation in any field is acceptable
  • Office Space
    • For City Partner: 150 – 250 Sq Ft area, with two cabins (separate) for consultation
    • For State Partner: 250-300 sq ft area, with two cabins (separate) for consultation and a training room to accommodate 8-10 trainees at one time.
  • Employees
    • For City Partner: None required, however a psychologist on-roll will be advantageous
    • For State Partner: At least 2 psychologists/trainers. 2 -3 sales and marketing professionals
  • Commercial (For details contact
    • For City Partner: Business offers a RoI of more than 50%. Investments can be covered within 12 months of starting the business
    • For State Partner: With an RoI of more than 30%, business offers a great opportunity to setup network of sales across a larger area (at times complete state)
  • International Operations: Business queries for a new Country license. Kindly contact Kindly share your contact details, current business/occupation, capacity to invest, education background, and any other relevant & important information about you.

More details about the business process and financials will be shared on personal requests. Kindly fill the form below for more information. (Refer Franchise_Application_Form.pdf)


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